Your time has never been so important.

Are you looking for an alternative to copper tube?

Discover FastPipe®, the multilayer polymer tube that makes your split connection so easy!


FastPipe® helps you savings up to 70% of the time required for the connection of air conditioning systems. FastPipe® is the thermoplastic multi-layer flexible tube which can be used as the best alternative to copper tube. FastPipe® makes you forget the bender, the flattened tube for a wrong bending and even the scraps caused by errors in installation. Its flexibility is unrivaled. You can even tie it .. and untie it! Watch the video to find out the difference!


The innovation of FastPipe is also measurable by its technical data: usable with all the most popular Freon gases on the market (including R32!); resistant from -30 ° C to peaks of 130 ° C (110 ° C continuous) and suitable for pressures up to 80 bar (certified for 100 bar)Find out more. »


Want to find out why FastPipe facilitates installation that much?

It is FLEXIBLE, it fits to every curve and angle,
It is LIGHT-WEIGHT, practical and fast to place into channel or under trace,,
The KIT is already threaded and sized,

The SYSTEM meets each and every installation requirements,
Is that not enough? What’s more…it is entirely MADE IN ITALY!

In terms of installation time and usability FastPipe® is an extraordinary innovation in the world of air conditioning systems and specifically of splits connection.

FastPipe® is a revolutionary multi-layer polymer tube that makes the use of the copper pipe “expired”, due to its very special features, and so it becomes its best alternative.
FastPipe® installation speed is surprising: even in the most complex systems it only takes a few, easy, steps to create a complete and functional connection.
FastPipe® allows you to work in complete safety either for its components certified quality, and for the chance to create a connection “on demand”, ie adapting it to your needs.
Fold it and undfold it, roll it and bend it: FastPipe resists to the most extreme tests without showing the signs!

FastPipe® in pills:

• it is FLEXIBLE: It easily adapts to every curve and angle, to the point of eliminating any waste caused by errors in the installation process.
• It is LIGHT, practical and fast to insert both into channel and underneath trace, covering every special installation requirement.
• It is TESTED and CERTIFIED: tightness, pressure, gas-proof test, fire resistance; we did not overlook any tests to ensure maximum reliability to our product. Discover all the certificates!
FastPipe® is entirely Made in Italy and it is so fast, secure and durable that gives higher value to your work and to your time!

TÜV Certification
To guarantee this result we did all the laboratory tests at the Giordano Institute of Rimini and at the CSI Spa Institute in Bollate (MI); what’s more the pre-connected kits are tested one by one during the production process. To complete the certifications range Fast Pipe has successfully achieved the TUV Certificate, which guarantees the perfect seal installation, if carried out according to instructions given by Tecnogas.
See the certificate
Medium burst pressure for FastPipe® 1/4 ''
Medium burst pressure for FastPipe® 3/8 ''
System crimping pressure
Also compatible with R32 gas!

Do you want to try FastPipe®?


FastPipe® Kit

FastPipe® KIT includes of 2 FastPipe®e straight tubes, 3 and 6 meters long in diameter of 1/4″ and 3/8″, already threaded, to make you finally forget about loose connections.

Discover Fast Pipe Starter Kit®

Learn how to start using FastPipe® right away to solve all your installation issues!

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